Our Story


This is the true story of how NO BULL JERKY came to be. (And became the best beef jerky in Australia)

Some say it’s a fairytale, a story passed down over generations. Others say it’s a gruesome tale to scare young children. We say it’s the stuff of legends…

The hero in this true story is none other than our dearly departed greater than great Grandfather’s father who tended his cattle as he had done every day for the past 35 years.

This particular historical day started out like any other, cold, wet and damp. Gramps decided to warm his bones with a little bit of his favourite poison, whisky. Gramps had his own special recipe using red chillis that he crushed to blend into his barrels of moonshine. By late afternoon he was looking into the bottom of an empty bottle, so he decided to refill from one of the 300 barrels he had stockpiled in the cellar. Being a bit incapacitated he couldn’t turn the tap on the barrel, so he started smashing them off all the barrels in a fit of rage, pouring chilli whisky all over the floor. Gramps staggered and slipped knocking himself out cold.

Gramps cellar was right next to the dam and was deep enough to be below the water line, so when the whisky started to seep out of the cellar it drained straight into the dam.. ALL 300 barrels!!

At this time the cattle just happened to be drinking from the dam. If Grandpa had have been there, his eyes would have bulged as he witnessed his precious herd staggering off to the old oaks in the paddock, completely pickled with chilli whisky. He would have been even more astonished to see the almighty heavens open up and send a string of lightning bolts through the trees, laying carnage to the sodden beasts.

During that evening as the trees burned something miraculous began to happen….

Mid-morning, Gramps staggered out from the cellar, rubbing his throbbing head and saw that his herd had been marinated, smoked and dried. Gramps, feeling hungover and hungry, tore the dried flesh from the one of his fallen herd and tasted it. The beef chilli flavour shot through his whole body, causing him to shudder in pure delight from the glorious combination of flavours. He chomped down on a larger portion of this chewy beef which continued to cause wondrous bursts of tantalizing chilli that delighted his taste buds.

It was on that glorious day far back in our family’s history that our Gramps decided to go in to the Australian beef jerky business….